Wednesday, January 07, 2009

GENIUS...... least I THINK so!!

As I was pondering this whole 365 Project, I was trying to work in a way to incorporate it into my CTMH business and a way to get the girls (my stamping and scrapping group of friends) involved as well. I was racking my brain, and Josh (my most awesome husband!) was packing his ruck sack for his JRTC trip and BAM!!

HELLLLOOO--this is THE perfect project for families of deployed soldiers (as I find myself to be AGAIN here in a few months!!)

I mean, it's GENIUS, right?

A day to day account of life while the guys are away. Plus, it keeps us wives from sitting about WAITING, but instead we can be busy CREATING!!!

I just love it!

I'm such a smarty pants, huh?


Georgia said...

Got to your blog from Becky's and I just had to tell you I think your idea is fantastic! What a wonderful thing for families to be able to see what was going on daily when they are gone. Great Job!

Lisa said...

Woo hoo! Heather's got a blog! You go, Girl!