Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Art of Time Suckage….

I don’t blog as much as I imagined I would when I started, but I do READ blogs more than I probably should.

Here are four blogs that I read religiously:

  1. Neil Gaiman:  I love his works, and his blog is very entertaining, informative, and varied.
  2. The Pioneer Woman:  Great recipes, great photos, great giveaways, and even GREATER humor.
  3. Alie Edwards:  She’s scrapping royalty, plain and simple.  And she’s a Mom!!
  4. Redblog:  AHHHH—the magic of Redbox!!!  $1 rentals!!  Easy access!  Return where you want, when you want, for only $1 a day!!  The blog has a wealth of entertainment info.


Anonymous said...

what do u mean by the art of time suckage?
please explain that as best as you can. i no where u got that from but i wanna no both the relation and meaning.