Friday, October 23, 2009

200 mph sneezes

Day two is in the books! 

And it wasn’t too bad at all. 

Information on the different types of chefs; professionalism in the field; ACF accreditation steps; and Safety and Sanitation.

I now know the proper way to sneeze (hands behind your back, bend down at your knees, and sneeze towards the floor/your feet).  And that your sneezes come out at about 200 miles per hour! Yea—gross!!  (I have yet to check the validity of this statement, but I will!)

It was also the first day to wear the uniform, so we had ‘inspection.’  No worries there, although my shoes are HIDEIOUS!  I’ve GOT to order some these super snazzy ones.  Not the lame-o black work wear Sketchers I have now. 

We did however finally crack open our text books and start on our ServSafe information.  ServSafe is essential food safety training.  “ServSafe Food Safety Programs combine critical information, exclusive tools, and real world resources to transform knowledge into action.”  In the industry every establishment is required to have at least one certified food manager to be on premises. 

Upon completion of this 101 course, I will have obtained one of these certifications. 

Whhoooaaaaa me!

The thing with this information, it makes you a bit leery of going OUT to eat.  You’ve all heard the horror stories of the nasty things that could or DO go on where you, the guest , can’t see.  Anyone that has ever worked in a restaurant can attest to these going-ons.  Then seeing it in official form, with numbers and statistics and graphic pictures, and ‘real life’ stories……….*cringe*

There are some DISGUSTING things going on out there!

And that’s about all I have to say on day two. 

Not to mention I’m zonked and it’s WAY late. 

Until later……..