Monday, November 07, 2005

These Dreams...

It's silliness, really, dreams. At least that is what most of us think, we really don't want to think too much about these random (are they so random?) thoughts that seep into our brains while we slumber. Frightening? Yes, at times. Revealing? Sure, if we allow it. And that's where things go a bit crazy. How much should we take into account when it comes to our nightime visions?

Dreaming about something that you haven't thought about in years, while a bit odd, upon waking, you think, why? Why in the world would you dream about that? Especially if it's about a person. A person that you haven't even thought about for a blink of an eye for 10 years or so. What do you make of it? For the remainder of the day, it nags at you, like that annoying sore in your mouth that you just can't stop tonguing. Do you indulge in thinking about the dream, and the implications of it? Remembering the past, the what might have been if you would have made a different choice. All the while, reminding yourself that then, you were a child, a knower of nothing, not capable of making any sort of decision, truly lost.

It's weird how the subconscious reacts to things. Was it a movie, or a song that prompted this dream? Huh, you'll never know! Ah dreams! What WOULD we do without them?
Love Until Later----
"Hear You Me"-- Jimmy Eat World