Monday, January 05, 2009

Not so great with New Year's Resolutions

Yes, it's Jan 5th, not the 1st, but I've been noodling around about actually getting involved in the whole BLOG world, and thought of it as a sort of New Year's Resolution.

Yea, that was 5 days ago. I'm ALREADY behind.

But I'm not going to be anal about it. It won't be a daily thing, as much as I would LOVE to do something daily, say the 365 Photo Challenge, but I will be blogging, oh yes I will!

I also want to get in better shape, do more scrapping, along with several dozen other 'resolutions'.

What THIS blog will entail will be mundane everyday life ramblings (yea, BOOOORING for you, but a way to help with my journaling for scrapping), occasional stamping entries (whether it be cards, SB pages, or projects), tv/movie thoughts, and various other current events/pop culture topics.

That's it. Not too hard, huh??

We'll see.

I'll leave you with a New Year's thought from a favorite author, Neil Gaiman:

"...I hope you will have a wonderful year, that you'll dream dangerously and outrageously, that you'll make something that didn't exist before you made it, that you will be loved and that you will be liked, and that you will have people to love and to like in return. And, most importantly (because I think there should be more kindness and more wisdom in the world right now), that you will, when you need to be, be wise, and that you will always be kind."