Friday, March 06, 2009

Information at Random…..


  1. I was born in Bartlesville, OK.  Raised in Yukon, OK.  I’m an Okie Gal through and through.  Just ask Josh about my accent! 
  2. I’m known to listen to NPR and talk radio.  And I’m only 32!
  3. I have 3 wonderful brothers, two older and one younger:  Danny, David and Michael.  I love them DEARLY.


This is my oldest brother Danny.  I FINALLY got to see his AWESOME band Tuff Profit play last weekend. 

4.    I’m somewhat addicted to magazines. 

5.    I miss my best friend SOMETHING FIERCE!!

6.    The iPhone is the GREATEST invention EVER!

7.    If I had the room and the resources I would rescue  and adopt LOADS of dogs.

8.    Laundry is THE WORST!

9.    We will, upon Josh’s retirement from the Army, start a successful restaurant/pub/live music and art venue, and it will be WAY WAY WAY COOL. 

10.  I really do have THE CUTEST kid!!!


Katie in Boulder, CO