Tuesday, March 10, 2009

WAY more than ‘just’ a phone…..

So I GOT IT—yuppers. I am the PROUD owner of an iPhone!

I know---DROOL AWAY!!!

It’s THAT awesome.

Here are the top five things I LURVE about my iPhone:

  1. FULL TEXTING KEYBOARD, or Qwerty (which I NEVER could figure out WHY it had such a wacky name, and then DUH—it’s the first 6 letters from left to right on the top row! Who knew?)
  2. It’s an iPod TOO—which is SWEEET!!!
  3. I can TOTALLY check my email ON THE GO!! And it’s fast and easy. Oh and BONUS when I email people back it has this little saying at the bottom of the email “emailed from my iPhone” No gloating or anything!!
  4. Apps!! ‘WE’VE GOT APPS!!!!” And BOY are they COOOOOOL!!!! My ABSOLUTE favorite has GOT to be Shazam. Ok—so say your riding in the car, listening to the radio and you hear a song you don’t know. You grab your iPhone, scroll to Shazam, tag the song (it records a bit and sends it over the net) and SHAZAM---it tells you title, artist, link to iTunes, You Tube Videos, and lyrics! HOW FREAKIN SWEAT IS THAT???
  5. Maps---lost? NO problem. You’ve got an INSTANT map with a little dot for ‘you are here’. LOVE THAT!!